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What We Do

We are an online toolbox that guides the user through the steps to fully plan their project. Using our Planning and Project Management tools result in a professional pitch deck to share with potential investors! This will make our users competitive with larger firms, even on their first project. Allowing for small-scale and socially responsible development.  

2ftD’s Proprietary Model works similar to tax preparation software, guiding property developers through the steps of planning a project with interactive questions.


Our online platform also allows users to upload photographs, drawings, and tables that amplify their project’s value. The 2ftD software then populates a professional quality set of documents and charts that users can use to pitch their idea to funders and planning officials.


“We wanted to find a way to help small businesses build out their property projects to improve the way communities are built and revitalized. We decided to build “TurboTax” for property development to level the playing field and make smaller, community-centered projects competitive with larger companies. With the focus of real estate investors turning towards more environmentally and socially responsible opportunities, we believe our product will allow small to mid-sized entrepreneurial developers to take advantage of that trend/  - Rebecca Holderness, Founder and CEO. 

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What Problems Are We Solving?

Community-based developers lack the tools to bring their projects to the market.


Developers spend money on seminars and software that are generic and closed-ended.


Impact Investors want to invest in community responsible projects with market returns.



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How We Solve Them!

We Provide affordable 2ftD tools that support users over the 3-5 years to complete a project.

We Guide developers with Q&A modules that develop and store project plans and presentations.

We Deliver professional quality products that address investor questions and show financials.

Invest in your community!

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