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One Foot in Community, One Foot in the Future.

What We Do

We empower smaller community-focused developers by providing the information and forms templates they need to create professional quality pitches to be on a level playing field with large developers when raising capital for their project. 


2ftD’s Proprietary Model works similar to tax preparation software, guiding property developers through the steps of planning a project with interactive questions.

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2ft.D believes the future of strong communities lies in the power of its entrepreneurs to grow, restore, and rebuild neighborhoods for sustainable profitability and quality of life. At 2ft.D, our mission is to empower these entrepreneurs, who have a vision to improve their community through smaller scale property development, with the means to bring their vision to reality.  Our online platform, committed to the unique builder, features all the resources needed for small, community-focused property developers to obtain all information, forms, and preparation-templates necessary to produce professional quality proposals and presentations that speed approvals and attract capital.  Much like a “Turbo-Tax” or "Legal Zoom", our products reduce work time and increase precision. “Drag and Drop”and gamified tech combined with accessible, automated support, puts these incremental developers on a level playing field with bigger developers.We believe that these smaller scale, community-based developments will provide longer term sustainable economic growth, help alleviate the housing crisis, and serve as an impetus to change our neighborhoods to better serve the people who live there."

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My team and I are passionate about people and where they live.  I asked this question; “what can we do to support  rich creative community diversity in a practical and sustainable way?”   The answer was to find a way to help small businesses and individuals build out their dream property projects. We know that these builders improve the way communities are revitalized. But development is hard!  We decided to build an online tool aiding property development to make smaller, community-centered projects competitive with larger companies. With the focus of real estate investors turning towards more environmentally and socially responsible opportunities, we believe our product will allow small to mid-sized entrepreneurial developers to take advantage of that trend.

I think of 2FtD as a tool just like a hammer. 

Anyone can build something with a hammer.

Our tool just helps to build better and faster.

- Rebecca Holderness, Founder, and CEO.

What Problems Are We Solving?

  Community-based developers lack the tools to bring their projects to the market.

  Developers spend money on seminars and software that are generic and closed-ended. They need technical online support that is with them for the whole process.

- Impact Investors want to invest in community-responsible projects with market returns.

How We Solve Them!
How We Solve Them!

 We Provide affordable 2ftD tools that support users over the 3-5 years to complete a project.

  We Guide developers with Q&A modules that develop and store project plans and presentations.

We Deliver professional quality products that address investor questions and show financials.


Invest in your community!

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