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“This is what the city of Milwaukee needs … architects work so many hours that if you could make any bit of their work take less time, it would be worth their while.  And I wrote down ‘heart, potential partnership opportunities.’”

Trudy Watt

Academic Director for the Master of Science in Design and Innovation
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“Having a visual is really powerful for accessibility and helping strip down some of the exclusionary aspects of development …”

Tony Panciera

MKE United Director
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“I like the idea of ‘democratizing information’ considering the assumption that real estate development had intentional barriers for certain people.”

Elmer Moore

Scale Up MKE Executive Director
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“I see that your product is trying to inform people.  And I think transparency and trying to understand (development) is good.”

Greg Patin

City of Milwaukee Strategic Development Manager
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“I would have no idea how to develop housing or commercial properties so to have this step by step guide would be really helpful.”

Morganna Grimm

Urban Dweller, Cira Diversity
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