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A Statement From Our Founder

What is 2ftD?  A new solution to address an old problem. 


2Ft.D is laser-focused on getting the dollars, the building, and the growth in the neighborhood you love, your grandma grew up in, or where your vision lives. We believe metrics prove that democratizing the creation of housing and neighborhoods, in the interest of supporting the maintenance of community diversity and growing wealth equity, works for everyone.

 My experience in education led me to conclude that communities which cannot or do not attend to issues of diversity, gentrification with displacement, and wealth inequality are less successful. As a creative and a woman, I am by nature and practice “out of the box” and “risk tolerant.” So why not build a better tool to make a better community?


We use diversity of data, point of view, and design vision as a plus for long-term success and solid return on investment for your dream city.


Rebecca Holderness, 2ftD Founder

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